AOE 2017 17 Years

We opened our Answering Service doors in 1988 and we’ve been answering the phone, non-stop, ever since.

We are proud to be a 17 time winner of the CAM-X Award of Excellence. Excellence requires a level of service that considers the caller first in every aspect of the call.

We answer over a million calls per year, 10 of which are mystery CAM-X judges. What does this mean for you? Every one of your calls will be treated as well as our most important call of the year.

We believe customers judge a Call Center in 4 ways — how quickly calls are answered, with courtesy, accuracy and price. In normal circumstances we answer 80% of calls in 3 rings or less. We confirm all important information for accuracy and smile throughout every call. Our team leaders are genuine, supportive and will reconcile any issues quickly. Our operators receive rigorous training. Only one out of hundreds of applicants will ever answer one of our calls.

Get in touch today at 1-888-371-6662 to learn more.